Moonstruck! eBook

About the late Jeff Murray and Moonstruck!

Jeff Murray, the inventor of the MoonGuide and our good friend, was an award-winning author and Whitetail deer hunter who investigated deer behavior and tested many of the strategies (like decoying deer, tracking, and using whitetail vocalization) we now take for granted. Jeff always ranked his discoveries on deer behavior around the influence of the Moon as the most exciting discovery. 

Jeff’s book Moonstruck takes the mystery out of hunting Whitetail deer. There aren't many books that describe Whitetail strategies and tactics like Moonstruck! 

Out of print for years,  I had the book reprinted in E Book form so you can take this book with you wherever you take your smartphone or tablet. 

I hope you find it useful for the upcoming 2017 season, be safe and good luck!

 Adam Hays III


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Moonstruck! eBook

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